We are a network of innovative behavioral health providers to improve quality of care by building the capacity to implement data-driven services.

The members of the MBHN are significant behavioral health providers in the state of Maryland as they:

Operates in 15 of the state's 24 political jurisdictions

Serve over 50,000 individuals a year, which is 25% of the individuals served in the state of Maryland

Employ over 1,900 individuals

Our Members

Our members offer a range of services all across Maryland. Find out who is in your area and how they can help meet your needs.

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Members in the News

Mosaic Community Services and Alliance, Inc to Merge

Expanded Mosaic Will Serve Nearly 30,000 People Across Central Maryland and Employ 1,000

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Knee/Wittman Lifetime Achievement Award: Stephen Baron and Joan Ditzion

The recipients of the 2015 NASW National Awards and the NASW Foundation Awards have been announced. 

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Lower Shore Clinic Receives Grant From Community Health Resources Commission

Lower Shore Clinic, a strong partner with Go-Getters, receives funding to implement Care Wrap Team Service.

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