We are a network of innovative behavioral health providers to improve quality of care by building the capacity to implement data-driven services.

The members of the MBHN are significant behavioral health providers in the state of Maryland as they:

Operates in 15 of the state's 24 political jurisdictions

Serve over 50,000 individuals a year, which is 25% of the individuals served in the state of Maryland

Employ over 1,900 individuals

Our Members

Our members offer a range of services all across Maryland. Find out who is in your area and how they can help meet your needs.

Where we are

Members in the News

MBHN members highlighted by the Community Health Resources Commission recent newsletter

Family Services, Inc. and Mosaic Community Services programs highlighted by the Community Health Resources Commission

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Behavioral health advocates rally to 'keep the doors open' to treatment

Edgewater-based nonprofit Arundel Lodge provides behavioral health services to more than 3,000 Anne Arundel County residents, but that number could grow if a new bill before the General Assembly is successful.

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Family Service, Inc.’s Carelink cited by SAMHSA as proof of integrated care's success

Maryland’s CareLink Transitional Case Management Services saved $3.6 million over two years through partnering with hospitals to decrease readmissions and coordinate community services.

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